Aqua Vita Naturals Food Market

Aqua Vita is commited to making the cleanest, freshest, and liveliest water humankind is capable of producing. We follow the basic principles that the planet earth uses to make fresh water. We steam distill (evaporation, formation of clouds and then rain), use ultra violet light (sunlight), use carbon and micron filters (rain filters through soil and bedrock creating our ground water), and then add our "magic touch" to complete our signature product.

Steam distillation produces the purest water of any process. The process creates less waste water, which is a wise and conscientious approach, especially here in the desert. We use ultra violet light, micron filters and carbon filters to prevent and potential contaminants from surviving while the water is in storage and on its way to your bottle.  Our "magic" involves magnets and spinning action, simliar to the enegetic of water running down a rocky mountain stream. This is how we create the cleanest, sweetest, and smoothest water you will find for miles around.


Micron Filter

Water Softener

Micron Filter


Storage Tanks

Pumps Activated (customer turns spigot)

Micron Filters

U.V. Lights

Magnetic Spin

Spout/Sink for distribution

Try brewing coffee or tea with it. you will find many of your foods taste best using Aqua Vita water.